Daily 2018-07-16

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Monday, 16th of July 2018
Monday! I am slightly jet-lagged, just like this post. Interesting things happened but I had no time to collect my thoughts and share them. The interface re-mapping branch got another round of reviews and slight tweaks. The configuration code (think “snap get, snap set”) is now enrolled in the same mechanism and can map “system” in the API to “core” in the on-disk state. There are some small tweaks elsewhere, additional unit tests, updates to stale comments, the usual stuff that gets addressed as a branch evolves.

Daily 2018-07-13

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Friday, 16of July 2018
This is a draft of a new blog post that doubles as a twitter log. The idea is simple. Tweet a thread a day. Post it as a blog item for prosperity^Hvanity. So let’s rewind to Friday the 13th of July. It’s the last day of the week and I promised myself to end the week with a good outlook on core18 interface support. The general idea is that as we move away from the core snap providing slots like network or home we need to hold them somewhere else.