snapstore issues

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evolution of an informal protocol
When the snappy store first came to be it was initially populated by a small group of people working on the very first snaps. It was like a small family and everyone knew each other. The wild-west feeling remained for many months as you could pop in an internal or public IRC channel and ask one of the store developers or store administrators for a favour and get an instant response.

state of classic confinement

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The next step of the first step into snaps
Classic? Before we can discuss today’s topic I need to untangle a rather confusing concept. Snapd cares about naming a lot. We really try to do our best to name things in a consistent and clear way. We don’t like to create error messages from hell and force the user to google crap to understand what the computer just said. Well, we didn’t get one thing right though: the term classic, currently, may refer to:

state of snapd support across distros

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The story about getting snappy into other distributions
A while ago I compiled a wiki page that documents where are we with support of snapd on various popular distributions. Unfortunately the table there may look a bit bleak. Apart from Ubuntu and Debian most of the other distributions don’t ship snapd today. Since a few people were asking me about this (after all I was supposed to get this to work). I think some explanations are in order.